About Health Network of Wisconsin

The Legacy

Our Hearts to your Home

Before even completing her 4 year degree In Healthcare Administration, Falisa Onipede was already performing as a care giver in an 8 client CBRF. During this time, she offered companionship, courtesy, love and support to clients with conditions such as Diabetes and Cerebral Palsy. The clients Falisa served were of various ages and backgrounds, but each one was treated with dignity and respect. Falisa also served as a Nurse Assistant at Winnebago Mental Health center in Osh Kosh, caring for persons suffering from mental incapacitation.

Serving for 8 years in 3 different states as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Falisa understands that the landscape of care is changing. Members of the community desire to age in place and want to be able to do so in the care and comfort of caregivers who serve with their whole hearts. Each day, the members of the Health Network of Wisconsin care team will honor the goals, preferences and choices of the clients we serve, tirelessly.

Health Network of Wisconsin will continue its legacy of compassionate and professional support, that was begun back in 2006 by Ms. Suzanne Navin.




Why Us?

We have over 65 years of combined experience just in office alone and we have the knowledge and expertise in the health care field.  We are the trusted resource for families and medical professionals, offering round-the-clock care with service plans tailored to meet all kinds of needs. From specialized personal care related to immobility, toileting and meal preparation, to simple, caring companionship and social interaction, your loved one can participate in life’s daily activities with dignity and with their self-esteem intact.

Our Caregivers are Better

Our caregivers are specially trained to help your loved one adjust back into their lifestyle and recover in the healthiest and safest way possible. Our highest priority is your peace of mind, and this is only accomplished by hiring outstanding caregivers through a rigorous screening process which ensures your loved one is looked after by a qualified, experienced and compassionate professional.

Meet a Few of Our Caregivers

Office Staff

The first contact you will have with us will probably be with one of our administrative team-members. They’ll be able to answer any question you have about home care and provide you with a list of available options, based on your specific needs. Information is always free and gladly provided. So call today and let us help you get started with home care services.